As a child I was fully aware of my sensitivities as an intuitive empath, my longing for deeper connections and my passion for nature and its abundance of healing. 

I struggled through adolescence trying to find out where I fit in. Suppressing the essence of myself, stifling my passions and my voice only imprisoned me in a deep and lengthy sentence of depression.

Trauma, a plane ticket and the approach of my 30th birthday sent me on an internal sabbatical. It was there, on the top of a mountain in Skaftafell, in the stillness of physical and mental solitude, that I found myself. And after the reintroduction, began the revival.

They say that "great things never come from comfort" and my journey to revival forced me to revisit and sit in my deeply suppressed resentment, anger and sorrow. Then something beautiful started to happen, I began to


release that pain

renew my internal dialogue  &

revive my true essence of self.

Reiki -Energy Healing:

As a Reiki Practitioner, I help others on their own journey of healing by offering holistic, energetic healing treatments through the channeling of Reiki energy.

When we are able to release our energetic blockages and re-balance the bodies flow of energy, we renew the bodies natural ability to heal, allowing us to revive our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


I am so passionate about helping women reawaken to their immense energetic beauty, while re-acquainting them with our intuitive and primal connection with the earth. 

Herbal & Botanical Healing:

My insight in herbal knowledge was both passed down to me through generations as well as discovered through my own life experiences and research. As a herbal and botanical enthusiast, I believe that reviving your connection to self and to the earth and its abundance of healing, only strengthens our energetic connection with one another and the Universe.