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aided with crystals and energy reading

Like Physics, Reiki is the understanding that everything in our natural world is composed of Energy, and is connected by and stems from the same Energetic Source. When our own energy is not flowing freely through our centers as intended, it can manifest in our emotions as stress, anxiety, depression as well as physical ailments such as migraines, tension, brain fog or issues with joints, organs etc.


During this Traditional Usui Reiki Treatment, Reiki Energy (or Source Energy) is channeled to the client through the practitioners palms. The hands are gently laid on over 30 energy center placements on both the front and back of the clients body. The channeled energy will release all blockages, clear and rebalance your chakras as well as renew your energetic centers with pure white light source energy which will leave you feeling feeling revived.

Though each session is unique based on the clients individual energetic needs, a few common client experiences include:

• radiating heat from the practitioners hands

• soothing energetic waves within the body

• deep relaxation/stress relief (it's not uncommon to doze off

• emotional releases

• visions of colour, people or experiences

• a release of muscle tension

Afterwards, we can discuss what was observed energetically during the session. 

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend your in person appointment, please contact us within 24 hours to reschedule.

You also have the option of receiving distance healing at the originally scheduled time.

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